The winners of Business Mint’s NationWide Start-Up Awards-2021

The winners of Business Mint’s NationWide Start-Up Awards-2021

After a stellar lineup of awards, the Business Mint’s NationWide Start-Up Awards-2021 is back to focus the light on new companies that have created an effect with their innovative solutions in a time of unprecedented events.

New Delhi [India], August 25: As the COVID-19 pandemic raged across the globe, new companies in the country had to overcome a hostile business environment, wary investors, and a country under lockdown. However, a large number of these new companies grew stronger and stronger, and their products and services had a positive impact on society.

To recognize their zeal for innovation and lift their development and advancement inside the startup environment, Business Mint brings the Nationwide Awards for Startups 2021 to recognize the dedication of new companies and ecosystem enablers that are building inventive items or solutions that can produce work, create wealth, and have a quantifiable social impact.

The Business Mint’s NationWide Start-Up Awards-2021 has been established to commend the best and boldest who risked everything to launch a new enterprise. It is an acknowledgement of the perspiration and tears that went into moulding what will drive the nation’s economic engines tomorrow. The award recognizes entrepreneurs and tries to rouse the visionaries and thrill-seekers in every last one of us.

Business Mint provides a comprehensive analysis of business and a total look at the most amazing aspects of business, such as startups, SMEs, companies, and individuals. The Business Mint’s NationWide Start-Up Awards-2021 is an enormous achievement in which there are more than 700 nominations that come from across different industry areas. For example, Startups, Founders, CEOs, Incubation Centers, Mentors, Investors, E-Commerce Portals, Co-Working Spaces, etc. After selecting the most creative and bright-minded nominees, there were 25+ winners under several unique classifications. The winners came from everywhere in India.

Winning startups won’t just benefit by attracting more business, financing partnerships, and ability, but will also serve as good examples of different substances and growing business people. They will also be motivating different entrepreneurs to think of similar methods of ensuring societal welfare. is the link where you can get the winners’ supplement.

 List of “Business Mint’s NationWide Start-Up Awards-2021” Winners:

  • Credgenics – Promising Startup of the Year – 2021, Fintech Category
  • Chai-Vaai Cafe – Most Prominent Food Startup of the Year – 2021, Café Category
  • Urbano Fashion – Best Emerging E-Commerce Startup of the Year – 2021, Fashion Category
  • PKC MYCFO – Best Emerging Startup Product of the Year – 2021, Finance Category
  • Liftup Consultancy – Best Emerging Company of the Year – 2021, Recruitment Category
  • MAKE ME FAIR – Best Emerging Startup of the Year – 2021, Beauty Services Category
  • SHPERO Health LLP – Best Emerging Health Supplement Brand – 2021
  • Luvih – Promising E-Commerce Platform – 2021, Beauty & Wellness Category
  • Inko Tea – Best Emerging Startup of the Year – 2021, Beverage Category
  • Credenc – Outstanding Company of the Year – 2021, Education Loans Category
  • WB Hotels & Resorts – Emerging Startup of the Year – 2021, Hotel Chain Category
  • InternshipWALA – Best Emerging Internship Portal – 2021
  • Airsoft gun India private limited – Promising Air Gun Dealers in India – 2021
  • Naexo Consulting (OPC) Private Limited – Promising Company of the Year – 2021, Technology and Management Consulting Services
  • Voxit – Promising App of the Year – 2021, Audio/Podcast Category
  • Insign – Most Preferred Interior Design Firm – 2021, Chennai
  • ESWARI HOMES – Best Emerging Property Search Portal – 2021, Andhra Pradesh
  • Mycleaners – Promising Startup of the Year – 2021, Cleaning Service Category
  • Herbxpert Wellness Pvt. Ltd – Best Emerging Wellness Brand – 2021
  • Mum Stores – Innovative E-Commerce Startup of the Year – 2021
  • COCOFIT PVT LTD – Most Trusted Brand of the Year in Coconut Food and Beverages – 2021
  • Best Agrolife Ltd – India’s Most Innovative Agrochemical Company – 2021
  • Lenecare – Best Emerging Sanitary Pads Brand – 2021
  • Prologic Web Solutions – Most Promising GST Suvidha Provider – 2021
  • GoZapX Ventures Private Limited – Best Emerging E-Mobility Startup of the Year – 2021

Saluting the winners, the Founder of Business Mint, Mr. Vinay Kanth Korapati, said that the honours would create fervor and energy among young business entrepreneurs to take their creative plans to a more elevated level. He said the awards are novel as far as broadness and length and perceive groundbreaking thoughts, advancements, and better approaches to work. He said these are not just the acknowledgement and festivity of the new Eco-framework but will likewise urge the startup club to focus on the sky. He said some of them would end up being future unicorns and examples of overcoming adversity in India, which the world will see and perceive. This will push the new companies to extend and serve new geologies and an enormous number of individuals.

The Founder said that new companies would assume significant roles in numerous essential areas. He said that advances in technology would help in the financial turn of events and take the products of improvement and development, including every person in the pyramid. Innovation can help individuals the nation over to develop abilities, accomplish scales and work on quality. He said that it is ideal to see that individuals in the nation are currently becoming position makers instead of occupation searchers. He said the COVID-19 ought not to be viewed as a test but as a chance, and the individuals, who adapt to this test and battle with centered methodology with thoughts, advancements, and great execution, will harvest the profits.