Showcasing Surat Jugaad at 21by72 Summit, Season 3

Showcasing Surat Jugaad at 21by72 Summit, Season 3

Surat (Gujarat) [India], June 19: Surat Jugaad, the renowned business platform, brought its distinctive charm to 21by72 Season 3, held on the 15th & 16th of June’2024 at Avadh Utopia, Surat. The event witnessed the significant growth of the platform into 9 circles & 1000+ members, with their exclusive meeting structures that are helping different businesses by providing opportunities to connect & promote their brands.

Surat Jugaad reaffirms its commitment to its vision while embracing the journey ahead with confidence. The mantra “Hold the vision, trust the process” encapsulates our dedication to provide a platform where everyone gets a chance to build their business.

Throughout 21by72 Season 3, Surat Jugaad delighted attendees with their creative displays, interactive visuals and warm conversations where they explained their entire working model to each and every one with so much enthusiasm.

Their meetings are a cornerstone of collaboration, and they believe in a streamlined approach that maximizes productivity and minimizes complexity. Our easy meeting structure is designed to ensure that every gathering is efficient, purposeful, and engaging. We have four types of meetings, namely 

  • Monthly meetings: Takes place once in a month on a fixed date & fixed time where all the members of a circle come together and introduce their business to others.
  • Group meet ups: Is a closed group meeting where 7-8 people of a circle with similar interests are hosted by one member to talk about their business and share their invaluable thoughts on how to nourish them with each other’s help.
  • Personal meet ups: Is a one-on-one meeting where two people want to close their business deals and work together in symphony to forge new partnerships, explore career opportunities and stay abreast of business trends.
  • Recreational activities: These activities enhances business meetings by promoting engagement, teamwork, and creativity, ultimately leading to more productive and enjoyable gatherings.

Key Aspects of Our Business Networking Meetings:

  • Purposeful Networking: Our meetings are structured to facilitate purposeful networking among professionals from diverse industries. Attendees have the opportunity to exchange ideas, insights, and business referrals.
  • Engagement Opportunities: We provide platforms for interactive sessions, icebreakers, and group discussions that encourage meaningful interactions. These activities help participants build rapport and establish valuable connections.
  • Guest Speakers and Workshops: We often feature guest speakers or host workshops on relevant topics. These sessions provide valuable industry knowledge and enhance professional skills, making our meetings both educational and enriching.
  • Follow-up and Relationship Building: We emphasize the importance of follow-up after meetings. Our attendees are encouraged to connect on professional platforms and continue conversations beyond the event, strengthening relationships over time.
  • Supportive Environment: We cultivate a supportive environment where attendees feel comfortable sharing their expertise and seeking advice from peers. This collaborative atmosphere fosters trust and mutual respect among participants.

The participation of Surat Jugaad in 21by72 Season 3 underscores its commitment to pushing boundaries and celebrating networking to promote business growth. For more information about Surat Jugaad’s showcase at 21by72 Season 3, check out their social media handles.

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