Exotic Range of Blue Oud offerings by Rosemoore 

Exotic Range of Blue Oud offerings by Rosemoore 

New Delhi (India), July 17: Oud fragrance is smoky, woody, exotic and more, and it can really spice up your life. It is sensuous and enticing. Most people are unaware that it’s not just any perfume, despite the fact that you might assume it’s just a scent like citrus or lavender or musk. 

Oud or Oudh is a more luxurious, expensive, and rare perfume with numerous sexual, psychological, and spiritual advantages. It can cost more than gold.

Oud is utilised for healing and soothing throughout a range of therapeutic applications, including assisting in meditation, lowering tension and anxiety, promoting better sleep, and even curing nausea and respiratory disorders. 

Explore a wide range of products that Rosemoore Offers in The Blue Oud Range:

  1. Scented Pillar Candle Blue Oud:

An elegant scent with notes of warm spice, a heart of cold bergamot and lavender, heightened by basil and geranium, and a lavish base of patchouli and Tonka.

Blue oud candles can promote better relaxation by lowering tension and anxiety. Additionally, the minty aromas can promote better concentration and sleep.

The twin-coloured candle, which is monochrome and has blue tones, burns well and sets a lovely mood while dispersing its aromatic mixture.

  1. Reed Diffuser:

This Scented Reed Diffuser Blue Oud from Rosemoore will keep your environment smelling wonderful. Long-lasting blue oud sounds to create a heavenly atmosphere. Unapologetically elegant with a hint of sheer extravagance.

The Blue Oud Scented Reed Diffuser Refill is a truly masterful fusion of artistry.

  1. Tea Lights:

Scented Tea Lights Blue Oud’s novel combination of bergamot, lavender, basil, and geranium enthrals you at first whiff. The aroma is soothing and instil a sense of serenity. The blue-hued candles are packaged in clear cups with small feet to prevent heat transfer to the surface where they are put. Blue is the favoured colour since it is linked to regal culture, and Rosemoore’s Blue Oud Scented Tea Lights are no exception.

  1. Potpourri:

The perfume of Blue Oud Potpourri is incredibly fresh, woodsy, and minty, which can help to calm the mind and make one feel refreshed.

The visually beautiful Pot Pourri can enhance the atmosphere and complement the home design.

  1. Fragrance Oil:

Use Rosemoore’s Blue Oud Fragrance Oil to give your space an invigorating atmosphere. To relax and feel at home, savour the enticing aroma. This wonderful home fragrance oil is a superb investment because it works well and revives all fragranced goods. It’s packaged in a stylish bottle.

  1. Scented Sacks:

The Blue Oud Scented Sacks, which contain the scent of blue oud, are quite helpful. For a long-lasting scent, it can be placed in closets, lockers, drawers, bags, cupboards, powder rooms, baths, and other places by hanging on doorknobs.

It becomes an accent piece for décor thanks to these adorable small sacks that contain Blue Oud Home Fragrance. It is blue in colour and has a ribbon tied around it to give it a nice appearance.

  1. Wooden Balls:

A common technique for extracting a long-lasting scent from a gorgeous, natural product is to use wooden balls. Rosemoore’s balls have a vibrant aesthetic appeal and release a motivating smell everywhere they are. They are quite practical to use and may blend in with your surroundings easily. Neither fire nor electricity are required. All you have to do is set these exquisitely made olfactory delight balls anywhere you like. And you couldn’t help but be entranced by these balls.

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