Tuesday, June 16, 2020
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Update on Scott Clark Investigation: No Justice!


Justice for Scott Clark Objection

Orange Area Area Lawyer Todd Spitzer consulted with Christy Clark, the widow of Laguna Niguel primary school educator Scott Clark that was eliminated by a supposedly intoxicated vehicle driver in January2017 She came away with no justice from the DA that assures Justice for All; rather, it’s Justice for Some.

Right here’s the letter Spitzer’s workplace sent out to Clark’s attorney; looter alert– its a roast. Spitzer requires to go. It’s time for a recall. Time for OC Democrats to collaborate with Clark’s myriad of inspired volunteers to get rid of Spitzer from workplace since when you review this letter, its shows up Spitzer bent over in reverse to assist the vehicle driver and also not the target.

My inquiry: that is vehicle driver Jamie Mulford connected with that’s effective sufficient to postpone her BAC examination on website for 5 and also a fifty percent hrs?

Right here’s the letter; I have actually bolded specific vital flows:

Todd Spitzer

January 13, 2020

Rick Welsh, Esq.

Via Personal Shipment

Precious Mr. Welsh:

I am contacting you today concerning the examination and also declaring choice bordering the occasion that happened on January 25, 2017, which caused the heartbreaking fatality of Mr. Scott Clark.

As you recognize, I made a dedication to you and also your customer as the freshly chosen Area Lawyer to completely examine this instance in the quest of justice. I, together with my whole prosecution group, have actually followed up on that particular dedication.

Over the last 2 years, we have actually left no rock unchecked and also wore down all feasible investigatory sources to identify whether somebody might be held criminally in charge of the heartbreaking occasions of that evening.

The Orange Area Area Lawyer’s Workplace invested almost $60,000 consulting professionals in efforts to identify whether there was criminal responsibility for either event.

My most seasoned car murder district attorneys– that are a few of the premier car murder district attorneys in the state, otherwise the country, assessed every one of the proof, consisting of witness declarations.

The professionals were consentaneous in their final thoughts. Based upon every one of the offered proof, we are incapable to lawfully and also fairly documents criminal costs in this instance.

This is not a choice that was made gently, however it is the only choice which I might lawfully make.

As you recognize, the instance was at first examined by the Orange Area Constable’s Division MART group (Significant Mishap Repair Group) and also ultimately sent to the Orange Area Area Lawyer’s Workplace in late 2017 for submitting factor to consider. In August 2017 and also once again in October 2017 your customer spoke to a district attorney that outlined the nature of the costs and also the problems of the instance with your customer.

On November 1, 2017, after taking into account the proof that was offered at the time, a felony problem was submitted versus Jamie Mulford. Quickly afterwards, it was interacted to your customer that there was a requirement to work with a crash restoration professional to additional assess the instance. The Orange Area Area Lawyer’s Workplace after that employed skilled Wes Vandiver of Accident Injury Characteristics to carry out a comprehensive evaluation of the offered proof.

On September 20, 2018, at a set up pre-trial seminar, Mrs. Clark consulted with the freshly appointed district attorney on the instance, Brian Orue, and also they discussed the expected professional record. On September 26, 2018, the Area Lawyer’s Workplace obtained Wes Vandiver’s professional record. At a set up pre-trial seminar on November 2, 2018, you showed up with your customer, and also you both talked with Mr. Orue. He informed you the professional record had actually been supplied which there was a requirement to examine Mr. Vandiver’s searchings for.

On December 11, 2018 your customer consulted with Mr. Orue and also OCDA detectives at the Area Lawyer’s workplace. At this conference, you were advised regarding the problems with the instance and also educated of the opportunity that costs would certainly be disregarded versus Ms. Mulford because of the lack of ability to satisfy the components required to prosecute the instance. You were likewise informed that the examination would certainly proceed based upon Mr. Vandiver’s record.

On December 14, 2018, at a pre-trial seminar, Mr. Orue clarified to you and also your customer that the instance versus Ms. Mulford was mosting likely to be disregarded as the proof really did not sustain a criminal instance versus her. Mr. Orue better clarified that the termination was called for based upon our honest responsibilities as district attorneys. On that particular very same day, you asked that the choice be postponed by 4 to 6 weeks so you might examine the searchings for.

On January 9, 2019, a two-hour conference was accepted you, Mr. Orue, and also an OCDA detective in which they assessed the records and also gone over with you the professional final thoughts and also searchings for of Mr. Vandiver. Based Upon Mr. Vandiver’s independent professional evaluation and also record it was established that it was our lawful commitment to reject costs versus Ms. Mulford. You were educated that the workplace’s examination would certainly proceed.

On January 17, 2019, I fulfilled directly with you and also your customer soon after I took workplace and also was oriented on the realities of the instance and also its obstacles. The prosecution group consulted with you and also talked about the problems with the instance, Mr. Vandiver’s professional record, and also the demand to reject the instance right now. I dedicated to you that we would certainly proceed examining the instance to look for justice for Mr. Clark, his household, and also the area. As gone over, the complying with day on January 18, 2019, the instance versus Ms. Mulford was disregarded. Our examination proceeded.

In June of 2019, after various conferences with the prosecution group, among our internal crash restoration professionals, OCDA Detective Mike Hale, was charged with reviewing the feasible courses of traveling of the Mercedes. Detective Hale evaluated the instance and also he accepted vital searchings for made by Mr. Vandiver, and also he individually developed that there went to the very least 2 sensible analyses of what happened that evening based upon the physics and also constraints of the Mercedes Benz and also proof from the scene.

Based upon these searchings for and also succeeding conferences with the prosecution group, I made the required choice to work with one more independent professional. The company I selected was MEA Forensic and also its Principal and also Elderly Designer David J. King was employed to do the crash restoration on the instance. At the verdict of Mr. King’s professional service the instance, I directly consulted with Mr. King and also the prosecution group in mid-December to obtain additional clearness on his record and also searchings for. Regular with Mr. Vandiver and also Private Investigator Hale, Mr. King’s searchings for likewise resulted in at the very least 2 sensible analyses of what happened that evening based upon all the proof and also declarations collected from witnesses.

After being oriented by Mr. King I assembled a conference on December 31, 2019, and also I once more consulted with participants of the car murder group. Throughout this conference we talked about every one of the lawful and also evidentiary problems bordering the instance and also whether we had the lawful capacity to bring costs versus either vehicle driver. After the lawful requirement and also components of the feasible criminal activities were gone over and also evaluated, it was with one voice established that we are incapable to verify gross carelessness versus either Ms. Mulford or Ms. Aguilar, which would certainly be called for in order to warrant criminal costs.

We reached this verdict utilizing the list below evaluation:

The Judicial Council of The golden state releases court guidelines (CalCrims) which sum up the legislation appropriate to the costs submitted versus an accused. At the close of a criminal instance, the court reviews these guidelines to a court and also needs jurors to comply with the legislation consisted of within the guidelines. Automotive wrongful death costs in this circumstances would certainly need the prosecution to verify gross carelessness, which needs “more than ordinary carelessness, inattention, or mistake in judgment. A person acts with gross negligence when he or she acts in a reckless way that creates a high risk of death or great bodily injury and a reasonable person would have known that acting in that way would create such a risk.” (CalCrim 592.)

To put it simply, an individual shows gross carelessness when the means she or he acts is so various from exactly how an usually mindful individual would certainly act in the very same scenario that his/her act totals up to ignore for human life or indifference to the repercussions of that act.

Based upon the proof in the event and also realities recognized, the driving shown by either event throughout the January 25, 2017 event stops working to increase to the degree of gross carelessness. (editor’s note: however a guy was eliminated and also that’s mistake is it?)

Even more, the legislation claims that, “A person facing a sudden and unexpected emergency situation not caused by that person’s own negligence is required only to use the same care and judgment that an ordinarily careful person would use in the same situation, even if it appears later that a different course of action would have been safer.” (CalCrims 590, 591, 592 and also 593.)

This is essential since an individual responding to a lane adjustment is called for to utilize the very same treatment and also judgment that an usually mindful individual would certainly utilize in the very same scenario, also it if shows up later on that a various strategy would certainly have been much safer. Based upon the proof in the event, the driving shown by either event can not be revealed to negate this protection.

In addition, the problem of a feasible roadway craze event can not be validated by any type of permissible proof. In spite of assertions on the contrary there is no independent proof of a roadway craze event occurring when evaluating the technological information recouped from the cars, professional evaluation, or witness declarations.

Last but not least, the legislation claims that “…If you can draw two or more reasonable conclusions from the circumstantial evidence, and one of those reasonable conclusions points to innocence and another to guilt, you must accept the one that points to innocence.” (CalCrim 224.)

Below, we have a scenario where every professional that assessed the realities of this instance can develop at the very least 2 sensible analyses of the event. Hence, the court would certainly be lawfully called for to locate the celebrations innocent.

Throughout our evaluation of the instance in between August 2017 and also December 2019, it is certainly clear based upon the completeness of offered proof, consisting of witness declarations, various professional evaluations, the concern of evidence, and also the components of the criminal offense, that we can not verify that either Ms. Mulford or Ms. Aguilar are criminally liable.


Todd Spitzer

Area Lawyer

It appears our DA has an appealing profession as a criminal defense lawyer as soon as he’s eliminated from workplace since he did a fantastic task safeguarding a motorist that’s activities eliminated a great guy.