Sunday, May 17, 2020
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Sweden revises the strategy of Covid-19 after the death of the elderly spiral


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Update : 13. May 2020 14:03:16 A man walks down a street in Stockholm on Wednesday, July 6. May 2020, passing a poster of Chinese President Xi Jinping with two pointed ears, underlined by the words BAT MAN. More than a dozen stencils on paper have appeared throughout the Swedish capital, the work of the Swedish artist called iron. (Photo AP/David Keyton)

Sweden’s response to the coronavirus pandemic has been the subject of international debate after the country opted for milder isolation and instead believed that its citizens would follow the guidelines of social distance.

Swedish gyms, schools, restaurants and shops remained open throughout the pandemic. So far this strategy has helped protect the economy from the worst, but the mortality rate in Sweden is about 32 per 100,000, compared to 24 in the United States and about 9 in neighbouring Denmark.

Sweden’s top epidemiologist Anders Tegnell says that the fight against Covid-19 is a long-term effort, which means that a temporary blockade will eventually lead to the opposite result. He says the number of infections will rise again as soon as it’s high.

Instead, Tegnell said that the moderate restrictions that have allowed most people to live a normal life would rather help guide society through a pandemic with a long life expectancy.

Danish track

But the strategy remains controversial. In the Scandinavian region, there are contrasts between Sweden and Denmark, which decided early on to be strictly isolated.

Denmark is currently in the second stage of its economic recovery. Moreover, the latest data even indicate that the infection rate is decreasing and that the mortality rate in the country is still less than one third of the total number of Swedes.

In mid-April, Denmark opened large industrial estates, including primary schools and hairdressing salons. This week Danish shops opened for the first time in two months, followed by museums and cinemas.

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