Seraseal, World’s Most Advanced, Next Generation Hemostatic Technology, Now In India!

Seraseal, World’s Most Advanced, Next Generation Hemostatic Technology, Now In India!
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Chandigarh [India], March 22: SeraSeal™ is an innovative primary haemostatic agent designed to stop bleeding on contact and within seconds for arterial haemorrhages. It comprises agar and bovine factor proteins II a VII a and IX a and X a and acts as a catalyst in the clot formation process. This single-component system can tackle any bleeding situation with the potential to save many lives. When seconds count, SeraSeal™ can make the difference between life and death.

Ajaypal Singh Randhawa, Founder & CEO of Swasth Kare India, is hopeful this will bring about a sea-change in the healthcare landscape. “By reducing blood loss, whole blood units needed, surgical time and tissue conservation, every stage in healthcare will improve. Since saving lives has always been at the forefront of Swasth Kare efforts, Seraseal in the hands of the first responders or surgical theatres will be a huge step in this direction,” he commented.

How SeraSeal works in Trauma:

The first stage of Trauma leads to haemorrhage and inflammation. Haemorrhages lead to shock and resuscitation. And finally, all adverse events – haemorrhage, inflammation, shock, and resuscitation on their own lead to coagulopathy.

Coagulopathy can lead to haemorrhage, only to continue the cycle of haemorrhage. Death is the result if a haemorrhage is not arrested. SeraSeal™, when used with other surgical modalities, can effectively control bleeding in level III and level IV type haemorrhages in seconds and can be used in emergency and trauma cases. Clinical studies and clinical use have demonstrated SeraSeal™’s unique formulation to be effective in a wide range of coagulopathies. When SeraSeal™ is applied to a wound, it does not create inflammation or damage to the tissues allowing the wound healing to occur sooner.

A one-component haemostatic agent SeraSeal™ requires no mixing or preparation and is available in multiple delivery systems to administer any wound to any part of the body. Controlling bleeding reduces the substantial need for blood transfusions, thereby reducing risk and cost to the patient. In addition, cost savings are realized through SeraSeal™ by reducing surgical time, wherein in some cases, the savings are as much as 50% and shorter hospital stays.

“Seraseal can save innumerable hours of clinical time, reduce post-op pain management, and help tissue preservation. Patients, hospitals, medical professionals, surgeons, governments, and military set-ups will substantially benefit from this lifesaving product,” added Randhawa.

 “The biggest contribution Swasth Kare can possibly make is to assist the medical community with products proven to save lives, increase surgical efficiency, and assist first responders from the initial point of contact with an injured patient.”

How Every Stage Of Healthcare Will Be Improved

SeraSeal is the world’s first primary haemostatic agent that arrests bleed within seconds! By reducing blood loss, whole blood units needed, time in surgery and precious tissue, every stage of healthcare is substantially impacted. If we truly place patients’ lives at the forefront, we use SeraSeal to stop bleeding, whether in the hands of first responders or the surgical theatre.   We save countless thousands of hours of clinical time, reduce post-op pain management and preserve tissue. Patients, medical professionals, insurance companies, governments, and military troops benefit from this product, saving both lives and costs.