Thursday, July 2, 2020
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Delhiwale: Farewell, silence lockdown-Delhi News

It’s never been so quiet. So quiet that in the afternoon you could clearly hear the birds singing as if it were an orchard full of birds. For more than two months there was peace and quiet in the exceptionally noisy Old Delhi. The coronavirus caused a lockdown by sucking up all the voices. The streets of the walled city, which never slept, fell asleep for a long time. The residents used the obsessive word sannata to describe the deadly silence that prevailed in the narrow streets from morning to...
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Dark and Beautiful: Padma Lakshmi’s Colorism Posts, Diet Sabya calls for a ban on Fair and Beautiful-Art and Culture

In recent weeks, names and words such as George Floyd, Police Violence, Racism, Black Lives Matter, Derek Shawwin, Braonna Taylor, Ahmo Arberie have infiltrated news channels and sites and the problem of the systematic and institutional racism that currently prevails has come to light. It was caused by the death of George Floyd. Floyd was an African-American who was killed when white policeman Derek Chauven knelt around his neck for about nine minutes. The video shows Floyd, 46, on September 25th. Last May sighed and begged: I can’t breathe. Floyd’s...
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Lion’s cub’s legs were broken so that the tourists could not escape. After surgery, he learns to walk again-it’s viral

Home / It’s a virus / The lion’s legs are broken, he could not escape the tourists. He learns to walk again after surgery. After Simba was rescued in critical condition, he was taken to the vet Karen Dallakian, who performed an operation on an animal. it-s-viral Updated : 11. June 2020 20:53 IST Simba, the cub, runs only after the operation (Instagram/Kandalak) In the incident with the animals in Russia, the legs of the lion cub were broken, so that he could not escape the tourists who took pictures...
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HBO Max Losing a Bunch of DC Movies

Одним из крупных призывов HBO Max, казалось, перед его запуском в прошлом месяце, было то, что он станет центром для...
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