Wednesday, May 27, 2020

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Latest News

An ode to Mario Miranda: an artist who breathed magic and imagination into Goan’s life and landscape-art and culture

The legendary artist Mario Miranda, born in 1926 to the present day, with his exceptional characters, both in human form – Miss Fonseca’s secretary, Minister Bundaldass and Bollywood star Rajani Nimbupani – and in animal form – canines, their families and much more, want to express the imagination and the world view of every human being. No matter how much attention he paid to the life around him, whether it was his life in Bombay, then Mumbai, now Mumbai, or his home in Goa, which he embodied in different ways...
Latest News

Baby Yoda Toys is on stock for Star Wars Day, May 4th.

When the kid (alias Baby Yoda) from Disney+ Star Wars’ The Mandalorian series was first presented in December, many fans were shocked to hear that most of the major releases would not be available until May. Those five months went by fast, didn’t they? In fact, May is almost here, and little Yoda’s toys have started to go home. Some arrived in March, but there is a big wave in May – just in time for Star Wars Day on the 4th. Mei. UPDATE: On the eve of Star Wars...
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