Ganesh Production’s producer Dr. Maddhu Sakksena is all set to launch web series ‘RACE’

Ganesh Production’s producer Dr. Maddhu Sakksena is all set to launch web series ‘RACE’

March 1: Dr. Maddhu Sakksena’s upcoming web series Race is on the floor. The director of the web series is Chintoo Maheshwari and the DOP is Karan Jha.The series will be casting Ms. Maddhu Sakksena (Producer & Artist), Ms. Mona Maheshwari (Artist), Mr. AdiIrani, Mr. Hiten Tejwani, Mr. Raju Kher, Mr. Mushtak Mohammad  Khan, Mr. Tej Sapru and Mr. Deepak Kumar Chadha.

Ganesh Production house will be launching Race web series across various platforms.  Dr. Maddhu Sakksena has done theater in Indore, Delhi and Mumbai. Mr. Pranjal Shrotriya of Anant terrace theater, is her acting guru, she has learnt basics from him. One of her plays was ‘Kasak’ written by Amrita Pritam which was a mono play of 45 minutes, she says, “my acting in this play was greatly discussed”. The web series “GST” and “Divine Zone” are of 8 episodes each.

Dr. Maddhu Sakksena is the producer and have also acted in them. In ‘GST’, she plays a doctor who is a high profile lady and is involved in a organ selling racket and has connections with big leaders. ‘Divine Zone’ is a suspense series. A lady gets up in the graveyard…!

Dr. Maddhu Sakksena, the producer of GANESH PRODUCTION, said, “I am ambitious”. I live in reality but I have dreams that I want to fulfill. Creativity is my passion and I want to convert my creativity into visual, performing arts. Though I take things as they come, on a day-to-day basis, I do plan and think long term. The digital world today presents tremendous opportunities for the persons who understand it, and I think I do. So I started this production company and tried to make a good team with persons that this industry in India has, with tremendous skills, talents, and experience”.

She further added “I am not a celebrity, I have been a working actor and with some unique projects through my production house, would like to continue to play some characters also that are challenging, thrilling, and creative, all this is quite exciting for me”.