From Prevention to Empowerment, Sanjay Desai’s Visionary Approach to Student Mental Well-being with ConsciousLeap in India

From Prevention to Empowerment, Sanjay Desai’s Visionary Approach to Student Mental Well-being with ConsciousLeap in India

New Delhi [India], May 7: In the face of a burgeoning mental health crisis affecting India’s youth, ConsciousLeap, a holistic mental wellbeing platform, has emerged as a beacon of hope. The platform is dedicated to empowering students and young people to achieve their life success goals sustainably, amidst escalating pressures from social media, economic challenges, and educational expectations.

Recent studies shed light on the severity of the issue: about 5 crore children in India suffer from mental health disorders, and an alarming number do not seek help. Furthermore, the Indian Council of Medical Research highlights that 12-13% of school students battle mental, emotional, and communicative problems. In reality the numbers are much higher. The repercussions are severe, with one student committing suicide every hour in India, underscoring the urgent need for effective solutions.

ConsciousLeap is addressing these challenges head-on by integrating artful and science-backed methodologies into the educational system. Through its innovative Wellspire™️program, ConsciousLeap has rolled out a curriculum specifically designed for children aged 10 to 14, which has already reached 3500 students across 55 schools. This program utilizes a blend of experiential learning and introspective techniques, aiming to build a foundation of sustainable wellbeing.

The curriculum is structured over three years, focusing on positive psychology, social-emotional learning and 21st-century life skills as advocated by the New Education Policy (NEP) 2020. The hybrid delivery model ensures scalability and accessibility, while keeping costs low and optimizing both student and teacher bandwidth.

Students who have enrolled in the Wellspire™️ program, have experienced significant positive changes. “The Wellspire™️ programme has been such a unique experience for the students. They enjoyed the activities as well as class discussions. This will surely leave its impact and the students will view life differently as latent learning sprouts,” commented the Head Counsellor of Springdale Schools, Lucknow. The program has been implemented across government schools in Uttarakhand. The program has been adapted in Hindi, Gujarati and English for wider reach and inclusion, with plans to add more regional languages. 

The ConsciousLeap Wellbeing Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation under section 8, is committed to fostering emotional health and wellbeing among children belonging to  underprivileged communities. Our mission is to help empower young minds, unlock their inner potential through introspective and experiential activities. Through Wellspire™, the ConsciousLeap Wellbeing Foundation aims to promote a positive mindset integrated with lifeskills in children. The program also helps children to overcome challenges and accept failures. By supporting the objectives of the Foundation and collaborating with grant donors, we strive to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those in the lower economic strata, ensuring access to holistic programs for their wellbeing.

The need for such programs is underscored by the WHO’s recommendation of integrating essential life skills related to stress management, problem-solving, and emotional management into global educational curricula. ConsciousLeap’s initiatives align with these guidelines, providing practical tools that help students navigate the pressures and complexities of modern life.

Founder of ConsciousLeap, Sanjay Desai, emphasises the critical impact of their work: “At ConsciousLeap, we believe not just in empowering the next generation with awareness of lifeskills but also providing them with the essential tools to sustain their wellbeing. This holistic approach is crucial both for individual wellbeing and for the welfare of our society at large.”

In sum, ConsciousLeap is not just reforming educational approaches to mental health but is fundamentally reshaping how society at large supports its youngest members in building resilience and achieving mental wellbeing. This holistic approach could potentially serve as a model for similar initiatives globally, given the universal challenge of mental health in today’s fast-paced, high-pressure world.

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