Digital strategist Shikha Kedia Bharadwaj’s secret to success

Digital strategist Shikha Kedia Bharadwaj’s secret to success

Kuala Lumpur [Malaysia], May 07: It all started with a dream to have something of her own. Shikha Kedia Bharadwaj, now a successful entrepreneur, started her journey in Kolkata, India, and later moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to bring her dreams to fruition.

Digital Strategist, Entrepreneur, Mother is how she describes herself and rightly so. Currently sitting as the Vice President of WICCI Malaysia, Ms. Shikha Kedia Bharadwaj is a serial entrepreneur with marketing experience of over 12 years in the digital industry during which she has collaborated and worked with many startups and large-scale corporations.

After quitting her day job in 2010, she started her entrepreneurial journey with Fourdy Digital, a web design, and branding agency, working and consulting clients of various sizes and from different industries. In 2013, she expanded Fourdy to Malaysia and is currently servicing clients from the Asia Pacific region. Under her leadership, her company has managed to crack major clients in India and Malaysia.

Her dream had always been to make something of her own. She hence worked tirelessly to achieve what she set out for. Nothing deterred her hard work and she powered through even while welcoming motherhood in 2015. Shikha finally realized her dreams in 2017, when she jointly founded Bit Quest Sdn Bhd, a global digital marketing agency. This company has been granted the prestigious “MSC Malaysia Status Company,” a Special Economic Zone and high-technology business district in Malaysia.

Since then, Shikha has been working hard to expand BitQuest on a global platform. After 2017, she expanded the company to India and then introduced it to the US markets. The year 2020 even though was adversity for all, came with a silver lining for Shikha and her company. Not only did the company win the award for Best Online Advertising Technology Solutions Malaysia 2020 by Global Banking and Finance; BitQuest also made another expansion into Sydney, Australia. The last expansion was the fourth for the company turning it into a global digital agency.

In response to how she handled the pandemic, she responded by saying, “While this pandemic was hard on everyone, I personally believe that every adversity has an opportunity hidden. The last year had been momentous for me. Our company, BitQuest, has made some substantial progress on the corporate front too. We were not only able to self-sustain ourselves during the whole lockdown phase, but also expanded into a whole new country with multitudinous opportunities.

BitQuest now caters to clients from all around the world and has been in a great working relationship with all their clients. The company has made wonderful strides forward, towards overall corporate development and success. Her hard work, patience, and diligence are what can be attributed as the reason behind the success of this organization and its team. When questioned on her secret to success, Shikha serenely responded saying, “I believe that there are no shortcuts to success. When I decided to become a women entrepreneur, I knew that it would be a difficult and risky career move. I am proud to say that as the CEO of her company I have played the role of the receptionist, accountant, and everything in between. My success today is the result of many long nights pouring over documents, pitching and perfecting our niche, and the intense hard work that I still put in.”

Shikha continues to reach new heights. The latest addition to her list of accolades is the award of the ‘The Economic Times Most Promising Women Leaders 2021’ powered by Femina. According to Shikha, there are no shortcuts to success. Though entrepreneurship for women can be difficult and risky, she continues to break the glass ceiling and now leads by example as an inspiring entrepreneur. She is thrilled and is looking forward to many such moments in her entrepreneurial journey.

Well, we wish her all the best in her endeavors and hope that she inspires many young women to take the plunge and ride the wave as it comes!