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Bloody Disgusting’s Guide to Over 30 Binge-Worthy Horror Shows You Can (and Should) Stream Right Now


If you want to interrupt the horror movie marathon or just need a break, there is no shortage of great genre series worth watching right now. To help you navigate through the hours and hours of horror on the various platforms currently available, we have prepared a practical guide for you. It just scratches the surface of what’s there.

From retro to completely new episodes to discover and experience for the first time, these intoxicating shows offer a fantastic introduction to endless television.


The exorcist television

This show deserved much more love and attention when it was played on Fox. The first season, created by Jeremy Slater, begins when Angela Rance (Gina Davis) engages two priests when she suspects a demonic creature is attacking her family. This is only the beginning of a tortured and tortured conspiracy that is a nightmare. The second season offers a whole new family and a scenario to deal with demonic obsessions. Seriously, this show is great.


This series is based on a comic book by Garth Ennis and follows Jesse Kaster, a small town preacher who tries to escape his former criminal life. Supernatural events change everything and force him to involve his former Tulip and the Irish vampire Cassidy in the search for answers.

American horror story

Although this anthology of Ryan Murphy’s horrors is also available on Netflix and Prime Video, Hulu has the advantage of being the only one to offer the last season – 1984.

The atrocity

A series of anthologies about supernatural horrors, inspired by historical events at any time of the year. The first season was based on the novel of the same name by Dan Simmons, a fictional account of the lost expedition of Captain Sir James Franklin in search of the Northwest Passage. The second season is dedicated to the Japanese-American community, which was expelled by bakeries during the Second World War.


The immortal vampire Charlie Manks, based on an epic novel by Joe Hill, feeds children and turns them into monstrous shells in his nightmarish Christmas country. Only a New England teenager with a unique gift can stand in his way.

Stein Castle

In Castle Stone, in the fictional city of Stephen King, the characters, themes and plots from King’s novels are transferred to create entirely new stories. Currently there are two seasons available, the second one is dedicated to Annie Wilkes de Misery.


Once a year, every crime – including murder – is legal in America for 12 hours. A parallel series with the popular film franchise.

Stan against evil

John K. McGinley is a retired star sheriff who, together with the new sheriff, keeps the demons that plague their city at bay. Think of a horror comedy of mad ash against dead evil, but of creator Dana Gould.

Twin tops

Mark Frost and David Lynch’s favorite television series follows the noble FBI agent Dale Cooper as he searches for a solution to the murder of a young woman in the posh city of Twin Peaks.



A fictitious paraphrase of the death of the Salem witch, a great horror. Witches, ulcers, terrible rituals, murders and much more, such as the witch Maria Sibley, who, in her attempts to conjure up Satan, makes an effort for control.

Inside #9

Interior #9

A series of anthologies by Steve Pemberton and Rhys Shearsmith, ranging from horror to drama, but always with dark humour. If it’s scary, it’s scary. Very original and creative show for lovers of the genre.

The haunted house on the hill.

Mike Flanagan’s modern adaptation of Shirley Jackson’s classic novel has brought both heart and soul to the table. It’s also the perfect series to watch over and over again – after all, you won’t be able to catch all the hidden spirits the first time. Besides, revenge seems perfect now that the Ghosts of Bly’s Manor are on their way.


When the famous horror writer Emma is about to finish her most popular series of novels, the creature that haunts her pages bleeds in her waking life. A strange meeting with a childhood friend brings her back home to face the past. If you’re in the mood for a masterly scare, that’s all.

Sabrina’s refreshing adventure.

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa revives his comic book Netflix, in which he sees a teenage witch trying to find her way in the world of mortals and witches. Everything becomes completely satanic.

I disagree.

Like most teenagers, Sydney struggles with family life and begins to develop feelings for her best friend. Unlike most teenagers, she’s also dealing with a mysterious new force that can lead to disaster if she gets too excited. Everything becomes ridiculous and then bloody.

You are.

Joe is a charming bookstore manager in New York who is obsessed with love. So much so that he will take terrible measures to win the last object of his desire. Including murder. A lot of scary, nervous murders.

The Santa Clarita Diet

This delightful and bloody comedy was cancelled too soon. There are at least three more beautiful seasons to check. Sheila and Joel are married realtors in Santa Clarita, California. When Sheila dies, her life takes a dark turn. Drew Barrymore and Timothy Oliphant admire their role and blood flows freely.

Ashes for the evil dead.

Ash reluctantly takes the chainsaw in hand to save the world from a deadly plague. It doesn’t matter that he actually started it. This time he gets help in the form of Ghostbusters, and the Undead universe expands like never before.


Meanwhile, the Korean prince in the thriller is sent on a mission to investigate an epidemic that threatens his kingdom. That lightning’s a zombie, of course. The second season just ended.

The ghost hunter

For real criminal drug addicts. In the late 1970s, two FBI agents were appointed to interrogate serial killers to solve outstanding cases.

Strange things

The horror of science fiction meets the nostalgia of the 80s in this megapopular series. When a little boy goes missing, his mother, the chief of police and his friends have to face terrible supernatural forces to get him back.

Penny the Terrible

The original series was created in Victorian London and combines characters from popular classics and Gothic fiction such as Dorian Gray, Victor Frankenstein and Dracula. Eva Green, well played and brilliantly interpreted, stole the show from this series. And it’s perfect to be back on the eve of the next fallout, the City of Angels.


The two brothers follow in their father’s footsteps as hunters and stumble through the streets to fight all kinds of evil supernatural creatures. His last season is the perfect time to catch up.


In a totalitarian state close to India’s future, the mysterious prisoner enters a remote military interrogation camp, where he reverses roles, reveals the most shameful secrets of his kidnappers and lets the demon escape from Arab folklore. If you’re looking for a series that doesn’t require betting, The Ghouls are just three episodes.

From sunset to sunrise…

This series, created by Robert Rodriguez, extends the events of the original film, starting with the bank robbery of the Gekko brothers, which leads them to a deadly encounter with the supernatural in a strip club populated by vampires in Mexico.

Lock and key

After their father’s murder, the three Locke brothers and his mother moved into their house – the Ceyhouse, which they found full of magic keys that could be linked to their father’s death. Based on the popular comic strip show, Netflix is preparing for the second season.


Before the Silence of the Lambs and the Red Dragon, Hannibal Lecter was a famous FBI psychiatrist. This series of prequels by Brian Fuller explores Lecter’s relationship with young FBI criminal profiler Will Graham, who is haunted by his ability to empathize with serial killers. Scary and smart, it’s a mandatory horror show.


According to Garth Ennis’ comic book series, boys show the dark side of superheroes. It’s much, much darker. To the public, the superhero team consists of seven divine celebrities. But behind the scenes it’s narcissists abusing their power. The boys are vindictive and want to keep them under control. Rise and fall will follow.

Dark shadows: Renaissance

This Gothic soap opera, made by Dan Curtis in 1991, simplified the original story. Victoria Winters comes to Collingwood to work as a housekeeper, but is soon attracted to the strange world of vampires, ghosts and curses. Ben Cross plays the vampire Barnabas Collins and Joanna Going plays Victoria Winters. Find young Joseph Gordon-Levitt as one of Collins’ children.


All six seasons are available for relaxation. Inspired by Grimm stories, inspector Nick Burkhardt learns that he is the descendant of Grimm hunters who have to maintain the balance between man and the supernatural beings of the world.

The horror of the Hammer House

The anthology series Hammer Horror is about haunted houses, demons, ghosts and other supernatural miracles. In this episode 13 there are many great gems, including the house that was vented.

Dead countries

In ancient times, the Maori, the undead warrior and a young woman of the tribe came together to find a way to stop the undead rebellion. A unique genre series by Glenn Standring, based on the film of the same name from 2014.


Crawler’s back, this time as an anthological series for Shudder. Showrunner Greg Nicotero collects a series of horror movie killers and a crazy amount of Easter eggs for a fan of the series.

Cursed movies

Jay Chill’s five-part documentary series explores the myths and legends behind some of Hollywood’s most notorious horror films. The exorcist is now available. Watch the next two episodes on the 9th. April’s coming.

Channel Zero

A series of Nick Antoski anthologies focuses each season on a particular crypi paste. It was cancelled too early, but now we can at least go to Candle Bay, House without Borders, Butcher’s Block and Dream Door.


Mickey Keating is the host of this horror talk show that explores and dissects the genre of horror, from techniques and trophies to psychology. Search for setbacks through special effects and guest experiences.

Wolf Creek

Greg McLean continues Mick Taylor’s murderous serial exploits. In the first season the American teenager Eva Taylor barely escapes when he kills her family. Left for dead, Eve goes looking for revenge. The second season, starting on the 30th. April appears, revolving around a new series of characters who have to torture Taylor.

Black Shadows

For the ambitious and demanding owner of Ambition, the 1245 episodes of Dan Curtis’ original Gothic soap opera are available free of charge. You can even break it into pieces according to your favorite stories. For example, the vampire Barnabas Collins is not even in episode 211.

horror master

Creator Mick Garris has brought together some of the biggest names in horror cinema, including John Carpenter, Dario Argento and Takashi Miike, to produce horror films for the Masters of Horror. Both seasons are available, including the famous imitation of the forbidden episode.